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Procedure - Marry women from Thailand

The process to get to know Thai women with us is as follows:
If you like one of our profiles, simply contact us using our contact form. We will then contact you. We will discuss which information is still required from you.
Then we make contact with the woman. The woman then decides for herself whether she would like to have closer contact. Of course, it can happen that this is not the case.

If the woman agrees, contact will be established between you and the woman of your choice. If you both like each other, a personal meeting will be organized.

We will organize a flight for you to Bangkok. There you will finally meet your dream woman personally. Our organization not only includes the flight, but also a hotel, a candlelight thing and excursions together.
You should use this time to get to know your future wife as well as possible. The more you trust them, the better you can look after them in Germany.

After the time in Thailand, the woman usually visits Germany. She stays for a few weeks and should get to know life in Germany. Here, too, we organize everything necessary for the visit (visa, translations). You need to worry about anything. When visiting Germany, you should show the woman of your dreams what life will be like by your side. Honesty is still the most important thing. The visit to Germany will be very exciting for the woman. She will learn a lot of new things and be happy about the weather in Germany. If you remain patient and loving, your dream of getting married Asian women will certainly come true. Only in this way can there be a common future for both of you.



After the visit…

... the woman in Germany has one or two more meetings. Then the preparations for the wedding can begin. There are some organizational things to do in Thailand and Germany, which of course we take care of (including the wedding visa).

We will continue to look after you as a couple. We take care of errands to offices or translators. You just have to look forward to your future wife. We'll do everything else.
The wedding finally takes place in Germany. Then there is another wedding in Thailand.

Here you can get a detailed overview of all the documents you need:


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