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„Der Freitag ist der Gottheit Phra Suk gewidmet, welcher als Gott der Liebe bezeichnet wird und als Symbol des Friedens gilt. Zu ihm gehört das Element Wasser und sein Körper ist einem Sonnenaufgang nachempfunden worden. Seine Farbe ist hellblau.“

Getting married as a German Thai women

Marry women from Thailand - We support our customers from Germany. Thailand stands for a calm way of life, clear thinking and friendly interaction with one another. The relationship with a Thai woman can be an enrichment for every German.
We take care of the entire organization. The entire process of getting to know each other with the aim - Asian women getting married - is accompanied by us. First, the wishes of the customer are discussed. The customer can then look at the existing profiles. There is also the possibility of sending an email as soon as a new woman is added to the profile.

The most important thing about Getting married as a German Thai women is to always be open to the possible woman and to yourself. It is important in a relationship that love is stronger than being needed. A loving atmosphere in your own home is also crucial.

Getting married as a German Thai women

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Philosophy of our marriage agency

We don't have any pseudo-profiles that just pull money out of our customers' pockets. We have a real woman behind every profile. There is closer contact between man and woman only if the woman does expressly wishes. Nothing is done about their wishes. There is no mass processing with us. We care about every single couple. The care is personal and very close. We want you to find real love with us. We will be happy to accompany them until the wedding. We organize and accompany every single step.
But before that happens, you should first check out ours Thai women watch in peace.

SCHUNO Ihre Hochzeitsagentur

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Wedding in Thailand

It was a very special experience for me when I mean thai woman again in Thailand married have. I've been fascinated by the culture and the people since my first trip to Thailand. A Thai wedding, very different from the wedding in Germany. The Wedding in Thailand wasn't that formal. The whole village came to visit and happily celebrated our newfound happiness with us. The Thai women dressed my wife and cooked the feast together. For the wedding came the mayor, he carried out the ceremony. We sat in front of the house with the family and the villagers. It took about an hour for the mayor to read from a book continuously. After that we were married for the family and the village, and I will probably never forget the celebration that followed. I like the open-mindedness and cheerfulness of the Thai people. I feel at home with them.

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